SWISH Weddings

You have been asking for it and we have created it! In an attempt to meet the needs of newly engaged couples, SWISH Flowers has created a ‘Weddings section’ to try to answer some of the common questions that brides and grooms have.

Our goal at SWISH is to provide brides and grooms with an informative and helpful session to help focus the direction of their wedding. Whatever your budget or wedding size, we will work with you to make the entire floral process fun, stress-free, exciting, and beautiful!

Your wedding is as unique as you are and, as such, we do not have a set formula for giving quotes nor do we have a book with all the weddings we have done in the past. Bring in a collection of your favourite looks, your pinterest favourites, and magazine clippings to piece together the vision for your big day.

Book A Consult

All wedding consults need to booked in advance in order to give time to prepare for your consult. Please get in touch with us to book a consult. If the weekend of your planned wedding is free, we will confirm a meeting date with you. We will send you a Wedding Consultation Form to complete before your appointment. We ask that you complete the form and email the details to us in order to assist us in making our time together as productive as possible.

Checklist for a successful wedding consult

  1. SWISH Flowers books only one wedding per week in order to give our customers the attention they deserve. Booking a consultation and placing a deposit early will ensure you don’t miss out on your day.
  2. Have a list of your details -- include the numbers of your wedding, the number of ushers, parents, and grandparents , and the location, colours, and desired mood of your wedding.
  3. Be prepared! Bring inspiring pictures, colour swatches, fabrics, or items. Also try to determine the mood you would like for your ceremony